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by | Jan 29, 2020 | Blog, Heaters, The Best

Space Heater | Electric Mini Fan Heater | Small Personal 950W PTC Ceramic Heating with Adjustable Thermostats and Overheat Protection

Everybody wants to get the best stuff with the most economical price and greater usability. We once again after detailed research provides you yet another one of the best device to buy this winter with almost all the functionalities at a cheap price. As we know, a heater is a necessity in these rainy cold winters, so, we have come up with the best electric heater for you to buy in 2020.

This electric fan heater has been ranked as the best seller on Amazon and is also very pocket-friendly. It also provides you with a bunch of methods for enhanced portability whilst consuming less power. Due to its small size, it can be very handy especially in small rooms. If you are looking for a portable fan heater, this must be your first choice.

Main Features

This space mini heater has been ranked the best electric heater and has also a very huge positive feedback from its buyers. The reason for its popularity is due to its abundant packed features in such a small price. Below, we have highlighted the main features of this portable fan heater.

Working Modes: This electric fan heater provides you with three modes that you can adjust according to the outside weather. High Heat or maximum heat for chilled days and nights, Low Warm for autumn or spring and Natural Air mode for economy Fan or whenever you need fresh air.

Power Efficient: It only takes about 3 seconds for this heater to start giving out hot air due to sleek airflow design, one of the reasons for it being the best electric heater. It also has a PTC ceramic heating element.

Safety: Special precautionary measures have been integrated into it which automatically shuts down the power of the fan heater becomes much overheated.

 Quietness: One special feature of this device is the pale sound it produces. It can be used without hesitation in bedrooms and Kids room as it only makes 40-45 dB sound.

Portability: The best thing about this electric fan heater is its size and weight, making it very easy to carry it to places. It only weighs about 2.87 pounds.

Compact: The reason this is the best electric heater is due to its elegant and compact design, allowing you to take it wherever you want to.

Specifications of Best Electric Heater


Product Name Space Heater – Electric Mini Fan Heater
Power 4W/700W/950W (depending upon the selected mode)
Operating Frequency 60 Hz
Voltage 120V
Fire Rating V0
Overheating Protection Yes
Build Material PP, PBT, ABS
Color Black
Weight 2.87 lbs
Product Dimensions 148x148x235mm
Warranty 30 Days Replacement

Do not let its small size and economic price fool you, this is indeed the best electric heater at this price. With all the appealing features, it can instantly turn your cold frosty room into a cozy warm place. Whilst consuming absolutely optimum power, this device can work beyond your expectations and can provide you with satisfactory results for sure. It also has great reviews and feedback from its consumers with almost 90% 5-star rating.

Product Ratings

This product’s rating on Amazon is 4.8 out of 5 Stars on behalf of a total of 341 product reviews. This shows that the product is one of the best selling products in this category. People are buying this product and they are satisfied with the product quality and price. You can also buy this great product from Amazon today.

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