7 Good Habits that can turn into Bad Habits

by | Mar 10, 2020 | Blog, Habits, Other

The conversion of good habits into bad habits is widespread and natural. This usually occurs when good habits are observed too much. For this reason, it is said the people should be looking after their attitude, even when everything is going smoothly. 

Everything looks good in a limit. When we cross the limits, we will be trouble for ourselves, our friends and family, and society. There are so many habits that can turn into negative if we don’t keep ourselves updating and reviewing our behaviours. I picked 7 habits from the list. 

  1.  Cheerful, optimistic people want things to be the very best. This is true until they go to extremism. Especially when their leadership becomes fussy and perfect, their good habits automatically change into bad habits. Once a specific limit or point is reached, it becomes impossible to revert it.
  2.  Sometimes people transform their tidiness into bad habits. The beginning is quite nice as they try to keep their things in apple-pie order. They even strive to continue this in the future as well. Then they begin to take things too much seriously. They start worrying over little dust. Apart from this, they want you to be as much sensitive about cleanliness as much they are.
  3.  There are these two very similar situations. People usually change their habit of savings into bad ones. The first one occurs when a person starts saving some cash for the future or some crisis. For this reason, they open either a savings account or investment account in a nearby bank. Then they start depositing money into it.
  4.  This habit of saving money becomes so intense that it forces a person to become a miser very soon. This turns them into a person who does not buy themselves or their kids, even new school clothes or other stuff, as the money has to be put aside for savings. They become the person who will drive a car that stops working every other day. They cannot tolerate spending money that could be deposited in the bank in the name of savings.
  5. In parallel, the same situation happens when one starts buying too much stuff. Initially, they keep telling themselves that they are just storing for later use. Despite this, it continues to grow when, finally, the water gets over the head. At this stage, their whole house, especially garage, storeroom, basement, or attic, is wholly submerged into an ocean of food and cleaning supplies. There is so much of it that it will eventually become stale before they could eat it at all.
  6.  You may think about how much being considerate about others can potentially lead to bad habits. Such a thoughtful person is usually kind-hearted and cares about those around him. The bad habit may come when a person keeps his needs aside for the sake of others. This can eventually lead to many psychological problems.
  7.  There is a common saying that ‘no question is dumb.’ People are usually motivated to ask as many questions as possible at school or work. This can turn into a bad habit when the person starts asking baseless and illogical questions. This can sometimes lead to a delay in accomplishing tasks at work. It is better to sort some things out all by yourself.

All this demonstrates that extremism is the root of all the bad habits. You need to be a moderate person, but not at the expense of your own well-being. This surely does not mean not to maintain a savings account or spend on necessity. Make sure you and your family are getting whatever they need. You need to control and do not let your good habits transform into bad ones to avoid chaos.