7 Bad Study Habits to Avoid

by | Mar 27, 2020 | Blog, Habits | 0 comments

Every student knows that they cannot score excellent grades if they have bad study habits. It always takes some hard work to get grades better than average in your academic career, until or unless you are very talented. Even if you are god-gifted, bad habits can easily ruin your grades.

  1. Not studying is the worst of all bad habits, in fact, the mother of all ad habits in studying. Some students plan to pass the school without even opening the book. This is usually not sufficient to pass the course curriculum. You need to study to get through the exams.
  2. Bunking classes is yet another bad habit. Some teachers might say that attending classes is the best way to learn. Although you can learn it later by some other classmate, it won’t be the same as just like hearing in the first place.
  3. On the other hand, some students attend classes, yet they do not have the necessary material to study effectively. They think they can do it all just by gazing at other students’ work. This is such a bad habit that it will not let them get any practical experience.
  4. You can get the right stuff for classes and labs. But if you do not have all the right things needed to learn, you will probably suffer a lot. If you acquire this bad habit of not bringing the right stuff, such as a pen or pencil, you will not be able to learn effectively.
  5. Other physical barriers that contribute to ineffective study habits are studying without eating anything. It is the same as driving a car but without any gas. Similarly, studying without having proper sleep is also useless. In the same way, studying while being sick is also fruitless.
  6. Many students consider going to class as entertainment. This might be true in the same cases, as the lecturer may crack some great jokes during the lecture. But at the same time, you must also be very keen to learn. Bad habits are already taking control over you if you are not taking notes during the class or have not done any home assignment work.
  7. Cramming for your exams is a long-established tradition. If you want your knowledge to sustain even after the session is over, it is unsafe to crammer it. Working and studying every day will help you get a better understanding of the subject. This way, you will be in a better position to memorize all this stuff, and they will remain in your memory for a more extended period.

How to Avoid Bad Study Habits

Your bad habits cannot take control of you if you are a hardworking and motivated student. They can also make you idle for a short time. You might find yourself deviating in your research, but you find your subjects interesting. You are keen to learn other information. However, you can feel that you have spent hours searching on the internet for a thing which will not help you with your schoolwork. It will surely increase your knowledge but might not help you today.

If one puts in enough struggle, he can get rid of these bad habits. Some people might not want to, but it can be very fruitful to do so.