7 Bad Habits and How to Break Them

by | Mar 10, 2020 | Blog, Habits, Other

There are a number of ways to get rid of bad habits. There are many guides in the form of books, counsellors, and support groups to help one out. Most of the time, they are straight-forward to get rid of them, which you can do easily by yourself through common sense.

  1.  You are either insecure or very proud if you brag about things too much. Bragging makes others feel bad, deprived, and they began holding a grudge towards you. You can get over this bad habit if you think right before you speak. Be more empathetic and try to feel how it would sound to them before saying anything aloud. Consider as if someone is saying this to you, not to them.
  2.  Similarly, another bad habit is name-dropping. This once again states that you are insecure. Most people find this offensive and disturbing. You should try to tell the stories without mentioning any names to overcome this habit. You could use the phrase “My friend John” in place of “My friend John Wick” or something similar.
  3.  Another bad habit that starts are immature age is cursing others. The intensity of these bad habits gets too much that time comes where you no longer feel cursing anyone since its deep-rooted in your routine. To overcome this, the first thing you need is to pay attention to it. Whenever you say harsh words, put some cash in a jar. Even if you wanted to spend it somewhere essential, put it there. You might also want to consider anger management classes if you curse furiously.
  4.  If you chew food with an open mouth, there may be some physical cause behind it. It is very unethical and inappropriate at a dining table. It can even affect your personality and impression on others. Maybe this could be solved by just using a nasal decongestant. This can occur because you might be breathing with your mouth instead of the nose.
  5.  One of the bad habits maybe that you cry too much. This bad habit irritates people until you get over this habit or becomes mature enough. It appears as the expression of your face with your voice supporting it. It depicts an arrogant, rude, and gloomy attitude. Look on the brighter side; you will cry less.
  6.  Back-biting is the reason behind the ignition of any trouble in any group. People doing this are so bored that they cannot find anything else to kill their time. The only thing they like to talk about is other people’s business. Judging others is what they are fond of. They need to find other interests to think and gossip about to overcome this habit.
  7.  Another bad habit for almost all people of all ages is nail-biting. It affects the nails and as well as the fingertips. It is not advisable to do so. People do it when they are nervous or tensed. Many want to quit it. In the past, people used to wear gloves, but now this custom is rarely observed. You can buy and put some nail polish on your nails so that they taste bad. This can might help.

You can get rid of any bad habit or addiction. Some of them are usual, whereas some are pretty serious. You can easily quit the bad habits if you find the right kind of help that suits your situation.